Lesetip: It has been 200 years. Has the anti-vaccination movement changed at all?

In case you are short on time today reader, the answer is NO in terms of the beliefs and message; but YES in terms of the ability to spread its dangerous misinformation, culminating in today’s… http://bit.ly/1AzusUS http://bit.ly/1DgDDXA


Brewing Beer with a Sous Vide Cooker

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[Ken] found an interesting use for his sous vide cooker. He’s been using it to help him with his home brewing. It’s unlikely that the manufacturer ever intended it to be used in this manner, but as hackers we don’t really care about warranties.

Beer brewing is as much of an art as it is a science. There are a lot of variables that go into the process, and tweaking any one of them can result in your beer tasting different. There is one process during brewing that is called mashing. Mashing is when you soak malted grains in hot water to pull out the sugar. The amount of sugar that gets extracted is very dependent on how long the grains are soaked, and the temperature of the water. If you want your beer to taste a certain way, then you want to ensure that the water stays at constant…

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Kohle scheffeln durchs Impfen

Es ist so traurig – die ganze Impfgegnerbewegung und Ihre elendigen Lügen/falschen Statistiken und Märchen …

Hier schlüsselt ein Kinderarzt einmal auf was ihm Big Pharma beim Impfen tatsächlich einbringt