3D Printer Shootout – Pro vs. Consumer

Oh jemine – 58 $ für eine Tasse. Not bad. Schau ich heute Abend mal wie teuer das mit unserem 3dDinge.de Printrbot Simple Metal läuft. Tippe so auf 5 $ wenn überhaupt ^^


A few days ago, Scott Hanselman bought a $599 consumer 3D printer on Amazon. He then went on to share the next 16 hours worth of elation, frustration, moments of success and suicidal thoughts that go along with learning 3D printing on consumer hardware and open source tools.

My experience was even worse than his – as a company, we bought into the idea that $1000 worth of 3D printing machine should immediately bring us into the 3D manufacturing revolution. Months later, walking in to yet another night where the printer had freaked out and spewed a massive tangle of spider-webby filament balls all over the floor, I was fully convinced that 3D printing, as an concept and industry, was a complete and useless pile of crap. We got 1 successful part for every 5 tries. We bought every kind of add-on available to heat up build plates, printed fan…

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