MRRF: MakerOS for Maker Business Management

Schöne Idee. Befürchte aber es wird den Weg aller „Lösungen“ gehen die geschrieben werden weil man mit den vorhandenen Systemen unzufrieden ist. SugarCRM war auch mal als interne Lösung gedacht. Und dann kam jemand und meinte: lass uns dass doch Whitelabeln. Wer einmal in den Quellcode von SugarCRM geschaut hat weiss was daraus wurde…


If you’re a maker business, making the things is usually your chief concern, whether you’re 3D printing widgets or milling them. But if you don’t put enough time and energy into things like client interaction and payments, you may find that you don’t have customers. [Mike Moceri] was tired of bloated systems like Salesforce that cost entirely too much for what they are. He created makerOS to help maker businesses be more effective without wasting time, starting with his own—a Detroit-based 3D printing, design, and prototyping firm called Manulith.

When a business registers with makerOS, they get a custom subdomain. makerOS is white-label software that provides a dashboard for the business owner and opens the lines of communication between maker and client. The client sees their own dashboard, and here they can can fill out a short form to describe what they want and upload photos and files from common cloud services. The dashboard provides…

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