Lesetip: Über die Koalition der Google-Amazon-Heulsusen – Regulierung statt Digitalstrategien

Über die Zukunft des stationären Einzelhandels Mal klagt der stationäre Einzelhandel über die vermeintliche Allmacht von Amazon mit weinerlichen Statements über den… http://bit.ly/1FALJQp http://bit.ly/1GJKn4w


Lesetip: Exclusive Interview: An Engineer’s Take on ‘The Avengers’ > ENGINEERING.com

Pictured: Mechanical Engineer Suveen Mathaudhu. Source: UCR What do The Avengers and engineering have in common? Apparently a lot.  Suveen Mathaudhu is an assistant professor of mechanical… http://bit.ly/1Iqouco http://bit.ly/1P9rmKO

John Thomas Draper: Setting the Record Straight

Interessant – Youth Hero debunked

Curmudgeonly Ways

It is almost a ‚fact‘ that John Draper, also known as Captain Crunch, discovered that a toy whistle in a box of cereal could be used to make free phone calls. I say ‚almost‘ a fact, because so many people believe it, and so many people have written about it as if it were fact. Even recently, a magazine known for intelligent geeky facts parroted this falsehood:

Not long after Engressia shared this information with the other phreakers, John Draper discovered that a toy boatswain’s whistle that was included in boxes of Cap’n Crunch cereal in the late 1960s could blow a perfect 2600Hz tone.

Even going back to 1983, a book titled „Fighting Computer Crime“ by Donn B. Parker carried the myth:

A young man just entering the U.S. Air Force to serve as a radio technician was fascinated with telephony and took courses on the subject…

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Achievement Unlocked: Global Virtual Hackerspace


We’ve been riding the runaway train that is Hackaday.io for about fourteen months. With over 60k registered user and  hundreds of thousands of visitors a month it’s hard to remember how we got from humble beginnings to where we stand now. But a big part of this is all the suggestions we’ve been hearing from you. On the top of that list have been numerous requests for more collaborative features. This week we’ve pushed an update that will change the way you interact with your fellow hackers.


This brand new messaging interface is beyond what we dreamed when we started development. Our goal with Hackaday has long been to form the Virtual Hackerspace, and this is it. Shown above is group messaging for the alt.hackaday.io project. You can see that thread selected on the left among many other threads in progress. On the right is the list of the team collaborators. Each project on…

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