Self-driving cars: The FALSE dilemma

Steven Lyle Jordan

car flying off cliffAs soon as new technologies come along, the public immediately dials up their natural fear of all things technologic, and start imagining all the things that can go wrong.  This technophobic trend has naturally been extended to the concept of the self-driving car.  As soon as the possibility of self-driving cars entered the public consciousness, people started imagining assuming that those evil robot cars would make buggy, counterintuitive decisions in every case, causing the deaths of hordes of innocent citizens on a daily basis.  (Totally unlike, say, the hordes of innocent citizens killed by human drivers on a daily basis.)

The current trend along these lines is to place self-driving cars in „ethical“ dilemmas, to illustrate their inherent danger to their human occupants and obstacles… this article is a standard version of this trend.

But just about every scenario imagined has been based on a false dilemma, a blatant…

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