Self-driving cars: The FALSE dilemma

Steven Lyle Jordan

car flying off cliffAs soon as new technologies come along, the public immediately dials up their natural fear of all things technologic, and start imagining all the things that can go wrong.  This technophobic trend has naturally been extended to the concept of the self-driving car.  As soon as the possibility of self-driving cars entered the public consciousness, people started imagining assuming that those evil robot cars would make buggy, counterintuitive decisions in every case, causing the deaths of hordes of innocent citizens on a daily basis.  (Totally unlike, say, the hordes of innocent citizens killed by human drivers on a daily basis.)

The current trend along these lines is to place self-driving cars in „ethical“ dilemmas, to illustrate their inherent danger to their human occupants and obstacles… this article is a standard version of this trend.

But just about every scenario imagined has been based on a false dilemma, a blatant…

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Hacking the Digital and Social System


When you live in a totalitarian, controlled and „happy“ society, and you want to be a hacker, you have to hack the social system first. Being just an engineer doesn’t cut it, you have to be a hypocrite, dissident and a smuggler at the same time. That’s the motto of my personal story, which starts in Yugoslavia, and ends in Serbia. No, I didn’t move, I’m still in Belgrade, only the political borders have changed.

Half a century ago, when I was in elementary school, I discovered the magical world of HAM radio. I became a member of two amateur radio clubs, passed all exams and got my licence and callsign, which was YU1OPC. I was delighted, but after five years, the party was over. What happened? Well, one day the police paid a visit to all registered owners of CB Band equipment and simply took that equipment away. No…

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Lieber Markus Beckedahl

Danke Herr Kasparick

Ich werfe Kieselsteine in den Strom...

wir kennen uns nicht persönlich, gestatten Sie mir dennoch, Ihnen diese Zeilen zu schreiben.
Sie sind Jahrgang 1976, ich bin Jahrgang 1957, uns trennen also knapp zwanzig Jahre.
Dennoch verbindet uns sehr viel.
Ich bin in der zweiten deutschen Diktatur aufgewachsen. Zwischen 1957 und 1989 habe ich politisch denken gelernt und gelernt, dass es sich lohnt, demokratische Grundrechte zu verteidigen. Und zwar gegen einen“Staat“, der sich „demokratisch“ nannte.
Gemeinsam mit vielen anderen habe ich dafür gearbeitet, dass die zweite deutsche Diktatur zu Ende ging.
1989 war es dann so weit. Es war ein gutes Jahr.
Wir hatten damals geglaubt, wir hätten den Geheimdienst besiegt. Das war allerdings ein fataler Irrtum. Denn wir sehen nun, 25 Jahre später, dass die „Dienste“ stärker als je ihre Arbeit tun. Und das Parlament, das sie eigentlich kontrollieren müsste, ist in einem beklagenswerten Zustand.
Der Geheimdienst der DDR hatte beinahe unsere komplette Familie „auf dem Schirm“…

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The Factory of the World – Hackaday Documentary on the Shenzhen Ecosystem


When it comes to manufacturing, no place in the world has the same kind of allure as the Pearl River Delta region of China. Within just an hour-long train ride, two vastly different cultures co-exist, each with its unique appeal that keeps attracting engineers, entrepreneurs, and hustlers alike. On the mainland side, cities like Shenzhen and Guangzhou bring the promise of cheap components, low-cost contract work, and the street cred of „having done the Shenzhen thing.“ And on the island, the capitalist utopia called Hong Kong glows with all of its high finance and stories of lavish expat lifestyles.

As the „new“ China evolves, it seems like it’s exactly the convergence of these two cultures that will bring the biggest change—and not just to the area but to the whole world. Still, understanding what exactly is going on and what the place is really all about remains a mystery to many. So…

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Hackaday’s Interview with Arduino CEO [Massimo Banzi]


I caught up with [Massimo Banzi] at the Shenzhen Maker Faire to talk about manufacturing in China, the current and future of Arduino, and how recent events may shape the Open Hardware landscape.

The big news from Arduino at SZMF is a new partnership with Seeed Studio to manufacture theGenuino. This is an official Arduino board manufactured in China for the Chinese market. Knowing that the board is official and connected to the founders is key point to get makers to adopt this hardware. [Massimo] makes a good point about the ideal of „Proudly Made in China“ which I could see as a selling point for the burgeoning maker market there. This may be a growing principle in China, but in an ocean of clone boards it sounds like a tough path forward. On the other hand, their booth was mobbed with people putting in new orders.

[Massimo] belives the current Arduino…

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We’re Hiring Contributors And Social Media Masterminds


Hackaday has been expanding into all kinds of new areas. We find ourselves stretched a bit thin and it’s time to ask for help. Want to lend a hand while making some extra dough to plow back into your projects? These are work-from-home (or wherever you like) positions and we’re looking for awesome, motivated people to help guide Hackaday forward!

Applying as a Contributor

Contributors are hired as private contractors and paid for each post. You should have the technical expertise to understand the projects you write about, and a passion for the wide range of topics we feature. If you’re interested, please email our jobs line, start your subject with [Contributor], and include:

  • Details about your background (education, employment, etc.) that make you a valuable addition to the team
  • Links to your blog/project posts/etc. which have been published on the Internet
  • One example post written in the voice of Hackaday. Include a banner…

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